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About act herba

The name Act herba is taken from Latin, which means active herb in Icelandic. 


My name is Katrín Erla, I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, sister and friend.  

I am a trained massage therapist and NLP MP in positive communication psychology, which is what I have been working with for the longest time. I have good knowledge and experience as a health expert since 1986.  

Early on, I received the gift and teaching at the age of 9 to sow seeds, to grow carrots and kale. I thought it was a miracle and a wonder to grow up from a small seed in soil and water "I was completely amazed. Ever since then, I have been interested in growing organic plant-based food, herbs and the flora of Iceland, about what grows and thrives in our good country. Books and the world wide web have led me to this point in research, along with courses in botany and plant hybridization.


As a result, I started to develop my own pharmacy based on herbal medicine based on folk medicine over the centuries.


Nutrition, mind, health   life itself in its big picture, it matters a lot to everyone to be healthy. The right herb from the purest plant kingdom can be the help you need to heal yourself and protect your health better.  

Nature is for everyone to enjoy and feed on, good luck to you all.  


Sincerely, Katrín Erla  

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